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Dear PSO Supporters,


It is with heavy hearts that we are announcing the dissolution of the Laremont PSO. As a parent run organization we have dedicated our time to support the students and staff. We are grateful for all of the support you have given our cause over the past four years since we began. We have always tried to be transparent and have freely given any information requested. We are saddened to hear that we have lost the support and confidence of the staff. We are always available to address any questions or concerns at

As per our Bylaws we will be transferring all of the funds we've raised to Laremont School at the end of our fiscal year, June 30. It has been our pleasure to help support the students and staff of Laremont School. 


PSO Board

Stacie Chakiris, Veronica Woods, Karen Gorniack and Jeanna Polacek.

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